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What is "paidbiz"? This company was started in the early days of the internet and took off during the time when making money on the internet and affiliate programs became popular. Paidbiz stood for "a business that paid" and initially was involved in popular advertising programs. During the internet boom and bust many companies fell by the wayside. Paidbiz changed focus from trying to make money through advertising to trying to help consumers save money on essential services. Our company aims to provide many services that, through technology and competition, save you money without sacrificing quality. Our focus is on using technology for security purposes and making that technology available for residential customers. We specialize in home security software solutions that allow home owners to use their existing computer equipment to monitor their property. Our preferred sotware provider is Visec Security. Also, we represent authorized dealers of home security systems, like the home alarm packages offered by ADT.

PC Based Home Security Software System Visec Home Security Turns your Computer into a Powerful Home Video Surveillance Security System. Experienced Programmers have developed a home security Video Surveillance program called VISEC. This program turns your computer into a powerful, global-wide video security system.

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